Columbus’ Premier Dog Training Company™

Welcome to ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC. – Columbus’ Premier Dog Training Company™. If you are looking for professional dog training in Columbus, Ohio, you found the best central Ohio has to offer! ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC. services the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area. Our concentrated specialties include Board and Train Programs, Puppy Training, Private Lessons, Aggressive and Fearful Dog Training. ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC. also offers dog daycare, dog boarding, and dog grooming services.

Our Existence is Necessary

ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC. was founded with one goal in mind, to deepen the human canine bond. To achieve this we teach you how to communicate with your canine companion in a holistic manner.

Dogs quickly learn to read our human behavior and anticipate actions that follow. By doing this, it allows them to adapt environment in a manner they find successful. Often times, the behaviors that result from this adaptation are not desirable to pet owners. Many easily remedied issues are often ignored or dealt with incorrectly. This is due to a lack of understanding on how to properly solve the dilemma at hand.

When you work with ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC.’s knowledgeable team of experienced professionals, you will gain the knowledge needed to create a seamless relationship between dog and owner. Our team comes equipped to supply you with an unmatched education, answering the many questions that come with canine ownership