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Premiere Dog Training - Columbus, Ohio Dog Trainer - All Purpose K-9 llc.

Jordan Hickle

Canine Behavior Specialist / Certified Master Dog Trainer

Jordan, who hails from and grew up in Columbus, Ohio, inherited a deep seated love and respect for animals from childhood.The value of having multiple family dogs during his childhood proved to be very educational and unknowingly became the first steps in his dog training journey.

As he transformed into a young adult, Jordan joined the Ohio Army National Guard (2007) where he was fortunate enough to travel around the world experiencing many cultural differences in animal/human interaction. Throughout his military journey, Jordan had many occasions to work side by side with military and law enforcement working dogs intensifying the desire to eventually seek a career in the professional dog training industry.

After returning from Afghanistan in late 2012, Jordan attended The Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers in High Ridge, Missouri where he completed both the Professional and Master In-Residence Certification Programs, graduating with honors. There, he learned how to train and handle multiple working dogs, competition dogs, and the everyday pet dog to better fulfill their destinies.

Once he graduated, he founded ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC. located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. After working with several clients, he found that his training was not nearly complete. He then traveled to work with other professional dog training, boarding, daycare and grooming businesses in Bloomington, Indiana (2014) and Memphis, Tennessee (2014-2016). While in Memphis, Jordan was mentored and exposed to a wide array of dogs, who needed supplemented help, more than an average training regiment can offer. The newly learned experiences required maladaptive dogs to go through a specialized “pharmaceutical therapy” program. The program was intense and very thorough regarding canine behavior which is where most of his applied knowledge was learned.

Present day (2016-Present), Jordan operates ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC. with the help and knowledge of another experienced trainer, Paige Clark.



Paige Clark

Canine Behavior Specialist / Certified Master Dog Trainer

          Paige’s passion for training and working with canines started at a very young age. From 2004-2011 Paige enrolled in, and participated, in her local county 4-H dog project, the Hendrick’s County Happy Heelers. During her 4-H career Paige handled and trained three of her own personal dogs to compete at a county and state level. Disciplines that they competed in included, but were not limited to; obedience, showmanship, agility, and drill team. As Paige grew older she began to mentor the younger members of her club in how to handle and train with their own dogs. She also participated in several demonstrations and presentations regarding dog safety, and basic care.

          In 2005 Paige handled her labrador, Maggie, in the Hendricks County Search and Rescue K-9 team. During her time on the team she learned the basics of man trailing and tracking, both on land and in water, with K-9 assistance.

          During the fall of 2007 Paige obtained her first job at a local boarding kennel. Through out high school Paige was able to work at two different boarding facilities. During this time she was able to acquire a great deal of knowledge of the pet industry. She also learned to work with, and handle, a wide variety of dogs all varying in breed, age, temperment, and background.

          Following high school her love and passion for animals was taken a step further. From 2011-2013 Paige fostered and rehabilitated several un-wanted dogs. Once they had been cleared by a veterinarian and recieved basic training they were all successfully re-homed to loving families, where they still live today.

          In July 2013 Paige was accepted into The Tom Rose School llc. for Professional Dog Trainers in High Ridge, MO. While there she attended both the Professional and Master Dog Trainer Certification programs. She learned to train and handle dogs for many different venues including, but not limited to; competition level AKC and Schutzhund obedience, PSA, Protection, Search and Rescue, Specific Odor Detection, Puppy Imprinting, Behavior Modification, and Problem Solving.

          Paige believes deeply in education of not only the canine, but his human counter part as well. She enjoys working with her clients one-on-one to assist them in learning how to handle and understand their canine companions.

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