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Canine Behavior Specialist / Certified Master Dog Trainer

Jordan, who hails from and grew up in Columbus, Ohio, inherited a deep seated love and respect for animals from childhood.The value of having multiple family dogs during his childhood proved to be very educational and unknowingly became the first steps in his dog training journey.

As he transformed into a young adult, Jordan joined the Ohio Army National Guard (2007) where he was fortunate enough to travel around the world experiencing many cultural differences in animal/human interaction. Throughout his military journey, Jordan had many occasions to work side by side with military and law enforcement working dogs intensifying the desire to eventually seek a career in the professional dog training industry.

After returning from Afghanistan in late 2012, Jordan attended The Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers in High Ridge, Missouri where he completed both the Professional and Master In-Residence Certification Programs, graduating with honors. There, he learned how to train and handle multiple working dogs, competition dogs, and the everyday pet dog to better fulfill their destinies.

Once he graduated, he founded ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. After working with several clients, he found that his training was not nearly complete. He then traveled to work with other professional dog training, boarding, daycare and grooming businesses in Bloomington, Indiana (2014) and Memphis, Tennessee (2014-2016). While in Memphis, Jordan was mentored and exposed to a wide array of dogs, who needed supplemented help, more than an average training regiment can offer. The newly learned experiences required maladaptive dogs to go through a specialized “pharmaceutical therapy” program. The program was intense and very thorough regarding canine behavior which is where most of his applied knowledge was learned.

Present day (2016-Present), Jordan operates ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC with the help and knowledge of another experienced trainer, Paige Clark.


Canine Behavior Specialist / Certified Master Dog Trainer

Bringing over a decade of experience to the table, Indiana native, Paige, is passionate about working with you and your dog. Her passion for training began when she first started working with domestic canines at the age of 12. Over the years, Paige has mentored under countless seasoned professional dog trainers. Some of her experiences include, but are not limited to: AKC breed specific grooming and graduation from the world renowned dog training school: Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers where she obtained her Master’s Certification.

In 2004, Paige enrolled into the Hendricks County Happy Heelers 4-H youth club. Spanning from 2004 to 2011, She had the opportunity to train and exhibit her dogs; Shea, Maggie, Kyzer and Zheeva. Together, Paige and her “Muttly Crew”, competed in and earned awards at County and State levels. Disciplines included, but were not limited to: beginner and advanced AKC equivalent obedience routines, showmanship, agility, and drill team. As Paige grew older, she began to mentor new members of the Hendricks County Happy Heelers club, in these disciplines. Presenting and demonstrating proper husbandry, training and grooming during her time as a club member helped develop her interactive, engaging, teaching style that is present when it comes to training the novice dog owner.

Upon recognition of her dog’s magnificent nose, Paige and her Labrador Retriever, Maggie were invited to join the Hendricks County Volunteer Search and Rescue K-9 Team. During their time as a team, Paige, and Maggie underwent training in man trailing and recovery, on both land and in the water. This experience inspired Paige to look beyond basic obedience allowing her to explore the world of working K-9’s, further.

In August of 2006, she started her first job as a kennel attendant in Avon, Indiana. This family owned and operated facility was complete with (95) professional stainless steel indoor/outdoor kennels. On occasion, Paige was tasked with the full responsibility of managing all (95) individual kennels. From August 2006 to July of 2008, she learned her first valuable lessons in animal care and husbandry. Most importantly, this humble family business shed light on the importance of cherishing each guest as if they were your own. In the spring of 2009, she moved on to The Animal Den, “Indy’s Premier Pet Resort & Salon” in Lebanon, Indiana. No matter if it were a holiday or Summer vacation, there was never a wasted minute with the thousands of pets who received her expert care and attention. Being responsible for the lives of many beloved family members, she gained valuable communication and handling skills. This allowed Paige to be become vastly versatile and capable of safely and humanely handling any dog regardless of age, sex, size, breed or temperament.

Throughout her youth, Paige and her family, always had at least two canine companions of their own. Following high school, from 2011 to 2013, Paige took on the responsibility of fostering unwanted, often misunderstood, dogs in need of a home to call their own. Anything a dog could need or want, they received! After being given a new lease on life, all of Paige’s temporary pack guests successfully found new homes.

While saving the funds to attend a formal education in behavior modification and working dog development, Paige apprenticed and was certified as a pet stylist. After only (2) short months holding the position as a professional bather it was requested that she attend on the job training to become a certified professional pet stylist. After receiving her certification, Paige worked for one of America’s largest pet care companies as a certified pet stylist, for two years. While doing such, she further gained skills in customer relations, sales, marketing and over all canine husbandry.

July of 2013, Paige was accepted into and started her hands on, technical, education at the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers in High Ridge, MO. While there, she attended and graduated from both the Professional and Master Dog Trainer Certification programs. Learning to train and handle dogs for many different venues including, but not limited to; competition level AKC and Schutzhund obedience, PSA, Protection, Search and Rescue, Specific Odor Detection, Puppy Imprinting, Behavior Modification, and Problem Solving.

Upon graduation at The Tom Rose School for Professional Dog trainers in Spring of 2014, Paige was invited to interview for a position as a Professional Dog Trainer at Bloomingpaws “Premier, one-stop pet care in Bloomington, IN since 1993”. She was immediately hired upon recognition of her many credentials. Paige conducted a variety of behavioral and training services. In addition to private, group, and in kennel residential training, Paige conducted behavioral evaluations for new daycare participants. While evaluating new canine participants for safe group play, she was able to accurately place each dog in their respectable play group, depending on their temperament and energy level. Paige’s number one priority is safety. Making an enriching environment, to ensure the integrity of a fun, safe, daycare experience, Paige’s evaluations were strict, accurate and honest.

2014 proved to be an exciting year in Paige’s career. In August of 2014, she was offered a training position in Memphis, Tennessee; there was no hesitation in her acceptance of this position. During her time in Memphis, Tennessee, Paige was meticulously instructed and mentored in canine behavior and in pharmaceutical therapy. This program provided new insight on how to effectively and humanely communicate with canines exhibiting maladaptivity that are not remedied through traditional training means.

In the fall of 2016, after two incredible years in Memphis, Paige moved to Columbus, where she resides and works alongside Jordan Hickle bringing over a decade of experience to the area.

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