Day School

When: Tuesday & Thursday

Cost: $55.00/DAY¹

Drop-Off: 7 AM- 9 AM

Pick-Up: 4 PM- 6:30 PM

Details: Day School is designed to specifically work with dogs who display no major behavioral issues requiring special handling or care. This program is also an excellent compliment to any Private Lesson Package and/or Board & Train Program. At this time, Day School will be limited to ten (10) pets per Day School day. To reserve you must call or e-mail with the dates you want your dog to attend. Any reservation requests made via text and/or Facebook messenger will NOT be accepted.

During Day School your dog will receive personalized training sessions and enrichment activities throughout the day. The activities include, but are not limited to…

Basic and Advanced Pet Obedience

Problem Solving: Puzzles, Lickit Mats, and Snuffle Mats

AKC: Canine Good Citizen Preparation- All levels²

AKC: Trick Titles Preparation- All levels²

Treadmill and Physical Conditioning

Seasonal Themed Photobooths

Fieldtrips to Pet Friendly Locations

Odor/ Nose Work²

Introduction to Agility²

Most importantly we will work with you on the behaviors your pet learns in school. These thirty (30) minute sessions are $57.00 and are conducted at ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC.¹  It is up to you to schedule your one-on-one training session(s). 

¹ The price point reflected is a Cash or Check discounted price point. If paying by debit or credit card, additional processing fees will apply.

² Attainment of any titles will need to be performed by the dog’s owner/ handler. A member of ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC can not handle a client’s dog to attain any titles or certificates via the AKC and will not for any other titling organizations. ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC will instill the necessary skills needed for dogs to acquire these achievements. 

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