Behavioral Conseling

ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC. understands that all dogs are not equally equipped or suited for traditional training techniques. Often times, our canine companion may need additional help to gain the behavioral assistance they need.

Combining over 27 years of experience, ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC. has successfully worked with some of the most aggressive, compulsive, anxious, and fearful canines. There is absolutely no breed bias in this program to include wolf hybrids, bully breeds, and feral dogs.

ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC.’s behavioral comprehension of canines allows us to work hand-in-hand with you, your dog, and a licensed veterinarian. This partnership ensures your dog is healthy, physically and psychologically, from day one. Psychotropic medication paired with the correct interactive techniques will put your dog on the road to a healthier, happier, life.

Program Details:

$150.00 Initial Evaluation

*In-Home Only*


  • One on one evaluation in your home
  • Education on canine behavior through verbal and visual means
  • Making a plan to suite your needs
  • Licensed Veterinarian Referral with written report detailing our evaluation regarding your canine and it’s environment
  • Potential follow up services that pertain to you and your dog

Note: Total program fees vary on an individual case by case basis. 


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