Board and Train Programs in Columbus, Ohio




20% OFF SALE PRICE: $1,048.00

Prerequisite: NONE


The Novice Board and Train Program is our most popular premier dog training service in Columbus, OH. Dogs entering into the Novice Board and Train Program are just that, a beginner at understanding what we expect. This program is for the beginner dog in any type of training.

During your dog’s stay we will lay a solid foundation of obedience on your dog that will last a life-time. Upon graduation of the Novice Board & Train Program your dog’s path will be paved for many more possibilities, down the road. Those possibilities include, but are not limited to; therapy dog training, off-leash reliability, and much more.



20% OFF SALE PRICE: $2,576.00

Prerequisite: Reliable on-leash obedience

(Off- Leash)

The Advanced Board and Train Program is a great finale to your dog’s Beginner or Intermediate level training! Dogs entering into the Advanced Board and Train Program have a solid foundation of obedience on-leash with little to no input from the handler.

While your dog engages in the Advanced Board and Train Program, we generalize  your dog’s understanding of verbal cues without the help of a leash. Gaining this freedom will allow you to control your dog in a variety of scenarios. This includes emergency situations, such as a spontaneous bolt out the front door.



20% OFF SALE PRICE: $80.00/Day

Prerequisite: NONE

**Duration Varies – minimum of seven (7) days**

The length of your Custom Board and Train Program will be determined upon the results you desire, and the number of behaviors being taught. For instance loose-leash walking can be achieved with-in seven (7) days. While a reliable off-leash come when called may take up to (3) weeks.

During your dog’s participation in the Custom Board and Train Program we are not focused on your dog learning the behaviors in the shortest time possible. We are focused on your dog having a solid understanding of the cue and what is expected. If an extension is needed to ensure optimum understanding of the cue, we will communicate this to you right away. Additional days will be charged accordingly, no exceptions.

Columbus, Ohio In Home Dog Training Lessons



Single $125.00

Package of (3) $325.00

Package of (5) Five $510.00

 Private lessons can be done in singles, packages of three (3), or in packages of five (5) at a discounted rate per lesson. Single dog training lessons are appropriate for those who are experiencing “that one issue”. If you or your dog are new to training we do NOT recommend “just doing the minimum” of one lesson. This is simply because we can not cover all of your dog’s behavioral issues in one setting – training takes time and patience. There will never be a dog training program out there that will serve as an “instant fix”.

During our in home private lessons an ALL PURPOSE K-9 LLC. trainer will come out to your home. Engaging you in your home, allows us to witness the issues you are having, first hand. We will go over why your dog is performing these behaviors and how to change the perception of your dog. Many times, pet owners are encouraging ill-behavior and do not know it. Once we have covered the “whys”, we will serve you with solutions to effectively communicate what you want from your canine companion.

We will not only educate you on your dog’s behavior, but we will also go over what tools to utilize to successfully achieve reliability. Proper education with any training tool or method is vital for training to be successful. We will go over how to safely utilize your training collar(s), and how to appropriately apply them to create a clear line of communication.

All too often, people are “scared” away from certain dog training methods or tools due to misunderstanding and the lack of education. We will make sure that we answer any and all of your questions regarding the best way(s) to communicate with your dog. Like a good pair of shoes, your dog’s training collar needs to fit appropriately and comfortably. We will cover proper fit, safe usage, and much more.

Our number one concern is safety. With safety comes utilizing tools that will be safe and effective for dog and handler. Not every dog is the same and neither is every handler. What works for one dog and owner pair, may not work for the next. We will tailor a dog training routine and recommend the tools that we feel, from a professional standpoint, would best benefit you and your dog.

While our lessons are typically an hour in length, we do ask that you make time for at least an hour and a half. We understand that dog training brings many questions. With that we want to ensure that you do not feel rushed, and have time to ask any and all questions you may have.

Puppy Training in Columbus, OH





For new puppy owners, the biggest questions always start at home. Our exclusive in-home Puppy Imprinting Program consists of (3) one hour private lessons, in your home. Many individuals opt to have their first lesson before their new puppy arrives home. We highly recommend anyone, especially those brand new to puppy ownership, set up their first lesson before their puppy arrives. This will allow you to puppy proof your home prior to your puppy getting there.

The material listed below, and more, will be covered:

– Biting

– Jumping

– House Breaking

– Nuisance Barking

– “Puppy Proofing” your home

– Imprinting with positive reinforcement

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